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Angela Somers – Voice Over Artist

At an early age, Angela would pick up a cereal box and read all sides of the box without making any mistakes.  Little did she know this quirky passion would grow into wanting to do commercials. 


Angela can usually be found behind a microphone on stage. She is an artist with exceptional sound and a great vocal range. 


As a vocal coach for over 25 years, actress, drama instructor, director, and Producer, Angela grew up singing and performing, so expanding her talents as a Voice Over Artist is right up her alley.  Her voice is unique, professional, and clean. 

Voice Over Demos

Rap Music Documentary and Vocals Demo
Lifetime Television For Women TV Promo Demo
Gotham's Jazz Radio Station Demo
Animal Planet TV Promo Demo
Summerset Hills New Homes Demo
"Totally Naked and Unashamed" Book Narration Sample
"Dear Survivor - Let's Talk" Book Excerpt Sample
Music Samples
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