Somers Voice LLC works with artists, songwriters, students, and contestants. We provide voice lessons, acting classes and workshops to all ages. 

Our studio is located in the Northern Virginia area, and we also offer artist development, mentoring, and virtual online singing lessons via Zoom. 

At Somers Voice LLC Vocal Studio, it is my great joy to provide you with the best private voice and acting lessons.  Lessons are open to all ages and levels.  I offer vocal coaching in Gospel, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Blues, Classical, and Broadway.  For over 25 years, I’ve helped artists and groups prepare for their projects, tours, and auditions. 

How lessons work:
First half

We’ll have a quick conversation to assess your skillset and talk about your goals. 


This helps give me a better understanding of where you are vocally. 


We’ll begin every lesson with breathing and vocal exercises, using the diaphragm to promote healthy singing.  

Second half

After warmups, we’ll switch our focus to music performance, applying the breathing and vocal techniques to a song.


We’ll initially spend time learning lyrics and melody, then shift to phrasing, song interpretation and performance.


Throughout this process, we’ll help you develop and know your voice.

After our lesson

After our lesson: I’ll provide vocal exercises and tasks to work on throughout the week.


Please warm-up at least 3-4 times and week and practice.  

*In addition, I regularly assist churches with their choirs and praise teams.  Acting lessons are also available to help Actors prepare for their auditions.  I have an unorthodox way of teaching and will lay the foundation for healthy singing and proper vocal technique to help develop your voice.  My goal is to bring out the best you. 

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