“Singing is half mental. Once the vocalist is able to remove any emotional distractions, they will be able to sing from their heart with confidence.”

Angela Somers



Angela Somers

Professional Vocal Coach & Teacher


As one of the top vocal coaches in the DMV area, Angela has worked with artists, songwriters, contestants and more.  Angela has been a successful vocal coach and teacher for over 25 years and is known for her gift of bringing out the best of her students through her unorthodox way of teaching and developing voices. 


She has a passion for singing and developing others in the gift of song and has a desire for giving back to the community through the arts. 


Angela's inspirational and vibrant coaching covers all genres and will concentrate on healthy singing, vocal technique, style, live performing, the audition process, tour preparation and more. She gives master classes and choir workshops to various churches.



Music Education (Voice) - Norfolk State University. 

Trained Norfolk Academy of the Arts.

Professional Singer -Virginia Opera Association.

Drama Instructor - (SEVAA) South Eastern Virginia Arts Association.  Musical Director - (CAPAC) Creative and Performing Arts Center. 


Vocal Lessons

At the first lesson, you will learn proper breathing techniques, your natural vocal range, strengths, weaknesses and will receive instructions on how to achieve greater vocal results.

Vocal Workshops

Workshops are recommended for choirs, praise & worship teams, background singers and musical theater groups. Workshops are interactive and exciting. 

Background Vocals

If you are looking for singers for a particular concert, service or studio work, I along with a talented group of gifted freelancers can learn the music quickly and provide great vocals.

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We now offer online voice lessons via Zoom. Online voice lessons make it possible for you to receive the best online vocal coaching.

Vocal Development

Are you a record label or theater company with an artist that needs vocal development?

Well look no further! Many students come into my studio lacking confidence in their vocal abilities but leave with a new found freedom. I have a unique gift of bringing out the best in singers and encouraging them in a way that will take their ministry or career to new heights. Just try me and you'll see!


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Frequently asked questions

Do customers come to you or do you travel to them?

Customers Come To Me and I See Some Customers Virtually.

What ages do you work with?

Students range in age from as young as 4 years old up to 80 years old!

Is there a specific genre that you cater to?

I have students who sing all genres of music. Broadway, Pop, Opera, Gospel, R&B, Choral, Jazz, etc.

Do I have to have a singing background to sign up for coaching?

No, you do not have to have any prior background in singing.

Where do you teach lessons?

Clients can work with me in person or remotely via Zoom.



If you have a question about any of our services, please send us your inquiry and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

Somers Voice LLC works with artists, songwriters, students and contestants. We provide voice lessons, acting classes and workshops to all ages.  Our studio is located in the Northern Virginia area, and we also offer artist development, mentoring and virtual online singing lessons via Zoom.  We are a professional company with over 25 years of experience under the leadership of Angela Somers - Founder.